Novelties, by The Mistress of Dubai

Update tripod selfies
24 April 2017 / 19:10

I just made the update of the gallery in the section "Tripod Selfies".

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Filiming with OWK
16 April 2017 / 11:01
I am happy to inform about my video shoot with OWK in October, I really look forward to it. 

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New Feet Images
02 April 2017 / 19:28
I just added new feet selfies and tripod selfies in the gallery, also some other photos here and there.


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Switch Jam
01 April 2017 / 18:09
I always have the luck of meeting interesting people and so I had a while ago when I met this very interesting young Lady. 

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Tweet for this week
26 March 2017 / 13:35
 This week I like to highlight the tweet with a very short video of my boots. 

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Update European member site
18 March 2017 / 22:15
There is a new update of my European member site!
All videos are made in The Netherlands and it was great fun to make them.

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Feet photos on Instagram
17 March 2017 / 14:08
Dear foot fetish lovers, if you can't get enough of my feet, visit my Instagram profile with almost each day a new selfie!

Open the link to my Instagram right here: 

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My studio in Amsterdam is CLOSED
17 March 2017 / 13:24
Dear friends, my studio in Amsterdam is closed and it will not open again.
Thank you for the amazing and unforgettable moments. 

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Dominatrix Dinah - The Mistress in Dubai
15 March 2017 / 12:01
Sessions in Dubai from NOW until 25 April 2017

I love to play and be a part of your “ journey”, whether you are a novice or experienced in the scene. I enjoy it all.
Getting into your head, staying there long after you have left is what I am known for...!!!


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