Double sessions, vanilla assistant, workshops in lovemaking!

26-11-2017 / 10:06

It was kind of happy news!
We developed the plan and from now it is possible to book a double-session with us!
Domination in combination with some exciting vanilla activities in which my friend is absolute an expert.

For the men with not so much experience, we can offer the lessons in sexuality and lovemaking.
Very useful if you hope to create something nice during your special night!

As a mature and very experienced lady, studying psychology, I can answer most of your questions regarding sexuality, fetishism and how to please the Woman.
The theory lesson will be continued by the practice including EDUCATIVE but also VERY EXCITING exercises in which my vanilla friend will have the leading role.

All possible only for adults with respect to your limits and beliefs,  we will never push you to experience something you do not wish or you are not ready for,

Hurry up to book! Deposit required. 

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