My studio in Amsterdam is CLOSED (pinned post!)

17-3-2017 / 13:24

For more than 11 years all of us had the most fantastic, kinky time in “Doka”, but the life goes on, I can difficult stay in one place for the rest of my days, it does not fit with my character.
I decided to relocate to UAE.
These days you can find me giving sessions in Dubai, where I do not have such a well-equipped studio ( actually not a studio at all), but there is a lot of sunshine instead!
For the rest, I spent more time with my lovely family and take care of my old mother in Warsaw.
1 or 2  times a year, with a lot of pleasure I shoot videos in Holland as promotion and make plans to attend some BDSM parties too!
Lieve slaafjes bedankt voor de unique tijd en de hele mooie jaren!  Met veel warme, fetisj groetjes, Meesteres Dinah

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