Switch Jam

01-4-2017 / 18:09

Her name is Jam and I met her just in the bookstore, after haveing a little chat we start to see that we have more and less the same interest and we seek for the same books, we start to feel attached.
It is unusual to talk about BDSM with someone you do not know, but somehow it felt good.
Jam told me about her fantasies, her first kinky experiences and how exciting it was.
I could see that her fetish interest is pure and comes from the strong desires.

We exchanged the phone numbers and when I met her a few days later, I discovered that Jam can play two roles
as a sub and the Domme and can switch even in the same session! Very very special! 
Now she likes to assist me from time to time.
Jam told me: - " BDSM is as entering different World when I play I relax and it feels as I am on the other Planet". 

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