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Dear Mistress Dinah, thank you so much for this lovely fetish day we spent together!

I feel honored and thankful for accepting my invitation to visit me in Muscat.
Thank you so much for your trust and for your precious time.
To give so much attention to this little piggy - me, really very kind of You.
I had an amazing time!
Goodbye Princess, I hope to see you again and soon!

Your Norwegian slave Peter - piggy
Placed on: 11-1-2018 / 15:55 -
Very good session with a very nice Mistress. I feel so relaxed now, thank you so much.
Placed on: 28-12-2017 / 21:48 -
Mistress Dinah, I never met a lady so Dominant like You!
YOU KNOW how to treat and train your slaves and it seems so natural to YOU.
Our session was kind of experience, probably I'll not do it for some other woman.
You are extremely beautiful, classy, mature, experienced and just yourself also in your beautiful dominant attitude!
This made me go on my knees! thank You.
Placed on: 27-12-2017 / 12:00 -
Dear Dominatrix Dinah thank you so much for the session. I can't imagine I was with such a beautiful, dominant and famous lady.
I was never expecting to meet such a star in Dubai. Our session made me cry from the happiness and honestly, it was the best experience in my life!
Forever Yours
Placed on: 27-12-2017 / 12:00 -
The best experience I ever had! You are so charming and so much in control, sexy boobs too.
Thank you for all Dinah
Placed on: 27-12-2017 / 12:00 -
Dear Dinah,t is a very good website full of wonderful photos, but somehow the pictures do not show your beauty good enough. First, you are much taller than I thought and the tall Domina is certainly my dream domina!
So I was very happy when you open the door, it was the great surprise to see you even more beautiful than on your photos.
Except this you walk in a very sexy way, your movements excite me. I love that.
Your session as well your appearance and the very friendly character made me fall in love with you (sorry, but it is true)
Placed on: 27-12-2017 / 12:00 -
Mind blowing experience!
Placed on: 27-12-2017 / 12:00 -
Hi Dinah!I am so happy to find you! From the bottom of my heart - thank YOU!
It is so hard to find a good Mistress in Dubai, a lot of fake people. After my horrible experience with the "professional" being fake and mechanical, I developed a kind of fear of visiting another Mistress, but then thank God I found you - The Mistress Dinah! I really enjoyed the session! You made me feel so good! You made my fantasies come true, thanks.
Placed on: 06-9-2017 / 23:05 -
Hi my dear powerful beautiful Mistress Dinah how are you Goddess?? How are your divine feet??
I write this today to thank you for giving me the chance to serve You.

First of all, I fall in love with you when u open the door in your PVC outfit.
I love every part of our session. I remember every single thing, like get down on my knees, bow down, clean all your high heels, sniffing your feet. Your toes and your soles are amazing.
Thank you so much, my Mistress, for the chance to serve a true Goddess like you, I wish I can spend my whole life as your slave, you are the best Domme ever. I love you.
Placed on: 30-8-2017 / 23:25 -
Today is for me the very special day because Mistress Dinah made my all dreams come true.
She is an excellent Mistress with the amazing body, intelligent and beautiful.
What makes Dinah unique is her feet with pink soles, high arches & beautifully shaped ankles.
She is strict and friendly at the same time.
I can difficult describe that feeling, what a day!
Thank you so much for allowing me to serve you.
Your foot slave.
Placed on: 02-8-2017 / 21:42 -
Dear Mistress,
Thank you for the honor to be your little poppet, I will do my best to be under your beautiful feet soon again.
You are a true Empress and amazing Mistress.
Always yourse.
Placed on: 06-11-2016 / 15:26 -
I am coming for this Mistress every week from Kuwait, her feet and her caning drives me crazy!
Placed on: 06-11-2016 / 15:09 -
A Dominatrix worth living and dying for . A Mistress who helps to escape this mundane, vanilla existence. A true genius in her field!
Her expertise in the human psyche is truly astonishing. Remember boys - we are like canvas in front of a truly gifted artist.
I am hers. From 2013, February 20th to till today.
- Thank you for your kindness. Your are a true Goddess.
Placed on: 23-10-2016 / 19:07 -
I head a real pleasure of visiting Mistress Dinah and it was amazing! It started well with an easy to find and safe location in a lovely part of Dubai.
Dinah is very beautiful and respectable Mistress, stunning lady, tall, well spoken.
I truly felt like we both had an enjoyable time and I could feel she is a World class Dominatrix.
Bless You Dinah.
Placed on: 20-10-2016 / 10:10 -
I left UAE and return back to my normal life. But want to thank you and thank you and thank you. For the wonderful and unforgattable moment which I will never forget and looking forward for having it again with you and only you.
Thank you
Shadi - your loyaly slave.
Placed on: 01-9-2016 / 10:23 -
The best session ever:

1. great communication
2. extraordinary skills
3. class
4. huge excitment
5. fun
6. natural dominant
8. warm hearted
9. honest
and except all this nr. 10 beautiful with amazing boobs!

submissive greetings for you Goddess
kneeling down

Placed on: 12-7-2016 / 22:56 -
Ms Dinah, thank you for a wonderful session. I am SO glad we connected after years of failed attempts, it was worth to wait!
Best Kevin from USA
Placed on: 06-4-2016 / 09:48 -
serving my mistress
I was one evening with mistress Dinah in march 2016 in Dubai. We spent some time drinking juice and talking before and after the session which made the session dream come true. Dinah you are a natural talent in domimation, and I can see you are enjoying doing it . When I am in dubai I will see you again . your doggy
Placed on: 28-3-2016 / 03:08 -
You are all to Me!
Hi darling Mistress, you are all to me, my whole World, my life, my water. Your sessions, but in the first place our conversations giving me guidance in life, which I really need, I am lost without you. You are so smart and life experienced. Kissing your hand, Alex
Placed on: 10-3-2016 / 06:14 -
Very good Exp.
Placed on: 18-1-2016 / 16:47 -
With love
Flying back to London, thinking about you.
Thankful and happy
Placed on: 21-11-2015 / 06:18 -
Great that you are here, darling Mistress, will call soon.
It was much fun last time, love
Placed on: 19-11-2015 / 07:46 -
I met M. Dinah in Dxb back in 2006, as a curious pervert fed up with and eager to explore the real treat. She was amazing, I had more than 20 sessions with her up to date (Dxb & AMS), she help me to reach,exceed my limit, she made a live all my dreams ; even more, miss u Goddess;
Placed on: 19-9-2015 / 09:58 -
Dear Dinah, thank you for this first fetish experience. For ever grateful for your understanding that I am a softy, was amazing.
Placed on: 12-9-2015 / 19:58 -
Wow luxury of Queen Dinah
Placed on: 03-8-2015 / 06:23 -
I know Mistress Dinah from Amsterdam and I met Her several times in Dubai, She has always created a session responding to my fantasies and ideas. There is a short chat before play in which She comes across as charming, kind and engaging...and yes, She is as beautiful in real life as She is in Her photographs! Sophisticated and naturally dominant.
Dear Dinah, thank You so much for the session tonight, You are beautiful and divine. I was nervous and You put me at ease...Much love from your humble slave T
Placed on: 21-2-2015 / 07:39 -
Dear Domina Dinah, I feel so privileged.
I must say that to meet you, was quite an experience.
I love your good caracter and your honesty too. You are a very special Woman.
Thank you for all the amazing moments!
Sncerely Yours..always...
Placed on: 11-2-2015 / 11:18 -
I am so happy because I will be under your feet shortly, I can't help thinking about our last session. Eager for more...
Placed on: 21-1-2015 / 15:20 -
Hi Domina Dinah, Can not forget You, I look realy forward to our session again Thank you for all.
Your committed servant Alex
Placed on: 21-1-2015 / 15:12 -
It was the best session in my life, I promisse you that! There are lucky in Dubai to have such an experience Dominatrix! Good luck with all darling Mistress. With love, your obedient Swiss -servant on his knees.
Placed on: 03-10-2014 / 20:57 -
Hi Dinah, bedankt nog voor gisteren, ik heb er weer van genoten. Elke keer als ik ga zitten moet ik aan je denken (au!). Stap zo in het vliegtuig naar Nederland, dat wordt dus een pijnlijke vlucht:-), Goetjes, Sander , Nederlander uit dxb
Placed on: 03-10-2014 / 20:50 -
You are to much beautiful and classy, your feet to much tasty Dinah,yum,yum
Placed on: 03-10-2014 / 20:44 -
MikyWay feet, what can I say more, soft soles, diamont toes.
Love the feet-videos of yours!
Placed on: 27-8-2014 / 19:55 -
Very exciting session! Thank You Madam
Very tasty champagne, cake I ll taste next time, if you demend of course!
Yours kink-Raji:$
Placed on: 27-8-2014 / 19:47 -
Thank you for the wonderful session, it was like a dream.
The dominance you have in you is very natural, you are classy and sophisticated . It was the privilage to may serve you Madam.
Placed on: 26-7-2014 / 16:32 -
Madam, I hope you remember me, I am your UK slt. I hope you will be in Dubai soon, waiting..
Placed on: 26-7-2014 / 16:16 -
Dear Mistress Dinah, I am so hoples without you, missing you in Dubai, your laugh and your great sessions. Please come back soon, can not wait anymore,
your sissy girl with love and respect.
Placed on: 26-7-2014 / 16:12 -
Mistress I miss you, when you will be in Dubai again? Please come back soon.

Your slv.
Placed on: 23-7-2014 / 15:42 -
You, as a Mistress, are outstanding in your class of domination with style ans self confidence.
It was great to be with you and under you.
Placed on: 09-5-2014 / 10:01 -
It was great fun to may pamper you Queen, this day will always stay in my memory !
Placed on: 09-5-2014 / 00:07 -
I am honored that I could meet you Mistress, thank you for fulfilling my fantasy
Always yours
Placed on: 03-5-2014 / 23:31 -
Dear Mistress, Your Queenig tonight was just amazing ! I feel so happy and so relaxed. It was a big privilege to may serve YOU.
Placed on: 27-2-2014 / 20:22 -
Really thanx for a nice session , you have a lovely heart.

M. from Jordan
Placed on: 04-2-2014 / 11:20 -
Dear, I got your website from the twitter and I followed you on it too and I really hope You follow me back cause I really want to meet you , thanks a lot Mistress Dinah
Placed on: 23-1-2014 / 06:05 -
I am so happy to see that you are again in Dubai Mistress!
Placed on: 13-1-2014 / 12:07 -
Queen, thank you for being here for us, you are not only the great Dominatrix, but in the first place very cultured and classy person. I always feel so relax when I am in your company.
Strict and lovely in the same time.
Love you, Alia
Placed on: 12-1-2014 / 07:53 -
Please Iam from iraq and I need real mistress for my live
Placed on: 12-1-2014 / 07:06 -
Dear Dinah, great that you are in Dubai again, was nice to see you, the session was more than amazing, thank you!
Placed on: 11-1-2014 / 23:33 -
Thank you for all! Your Kuwaiti slt
Placed on: 08-12-2013 / 08:51 -
Dear Mistress,I am very happy I could see you in Dubai and hope I have been a good servant for you.
Please visit Qatar soon, hope to serve you in Doha one day.

Your servant from Doha xxx with love and respect
Placed on: 08-12-2013 / 08:49 -