Psyche of a sub is my canvas

Highly skilled

Well known for my film productions

Feet & legs

Most beautiful feet and legs


I consider myself an artist

Dubai Mistress Dominatrix Dinah Femdom Expert Sensual Teaser

T his website is about upper-class Mistress in Dubai, to whom powers come naturally. Expert in femdom and sensual teaser with the best body curves in the right places!

My name is Dominatrix Dinah. I am a sophisticated, beautiful and highly skilled professional Domina from Amsterdam. I am extremely well known for my work and film productions at OWK and Empress Tales media. Fascinated by the Middle East and the fantasies of my subs I spent most of my time as the leading Mistress in Dubai.

I consider myself an artist, and the psyche of a sub is my canvas. I love the moment when I feel you “let go” and relax under my control! My background in psychology gives me a good understanding of the origins of your fetishes this combined with my feminine powers will bring your fantasy to life. Elegance, Sensuality and of course Domination are the words which describe my sessions.

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