Twitter account suspended!

14-2-2018 / 16:23

It happened last Friday when I was doing my pedicure & manicure in the salon.
At some moment I got the message from Twitter that I am blocked and that I need to confirm my identity by entering my phone number!
I did it so all looked fine for a few hours.
The same day in the evening, some clients start complaining that they can not few my posts anymore.
I looked at my twitter account and I almost got the heart attack!!! I could not believe my eyes!!!
My twitter account was suspended!!!

Full trust I wrote to the Twitter-Support with the hope they will help me out, but until this time I did not get any answer from them. 

I need to mention in my story yet that before all these, 2 other Misstress Dubai accounts got disabled, so I am not the only one with this drama! 

I have no idea what is going on, I read the Twitter rules, maybe it has to do with some changes regarding the law and Twitter, depending on a country. It can be also jealousy of people or all together at ones (most probably).

I am busy with the new account right now, so it will be added to my website soon, but to get back 30.000 followers will take me years... 

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