Holidays time, but I will be in Dubai soon.

02-6-2018 / 13:19

The weather in Europe is absolutely fantastic! I am enjoying the flowers in the beautiful garden, fresh air, and the classy lunches, impressive meal recipes.
It will feel almost like the Paradise if not 2 very disturbing factors:
1. mosquitos
2. my tendency to hay fever! 
Even after taking the medicine against allergies I still have an itchy nose, and the mosquitos love to "eat me", so it's a pity, but what to do.
For the rest, all is absolutely perfect! I plan to stay few days in Amsterdam also and have some party time over there!  
By the way, I do not offer sessions in Europe at the moment, I will inform when I will be ready to do that. 
I will be back in Dubai, most probably on June 15th you are very welcome to visit me for a session by then!

Fetish hugs.

P.S. The tripod selfies in the gallery updated!

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