I am back in Dubai

23-8-2018 / 21:11

I was invited by my committed slave "konijntje" and we drove with his Jaguar to the party or actually to the parking lot at the location.
Furthermore, I went with a sulky ridden by the handsome human pony.

The party started, there were many people, almost all began to play!
Konijtje's ass slowly became increasingly red from flogging and caning as the result that the other Mistresses could play with my slave. It was really fun for Dommes and konijntje was sweating and suffering!  Haha

It was a very beautiful summer day (very rare in the Netherlands) so we also could spend some time by the pool, busy with the aqua bondages, aqua games, and the interesting conversations. 

For privacy reasons, I could not take any photo during the play-time. 
The only photo I could take was the photo of a small shop, selling all kinds of BDSM toys during the party.
I bought there a number of interesting tools.

A few days later I enjoyed the video shoot with my dear friend Mistress Kelly Kalashnik and the video- team, the result of our work you can view on my Clips4Sale!
On the photo down on this page Kelly, Me, filming slaves and the cameraman JT.

I am already a few days in Dubai where I am happy to give sessions!
My plan is to stay until 30 September.
6 October I will attend the FemDomBall in London so I will fly back to Europe a few days before this fantastic event.  

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