My time in Europe, now in Dubai!

22-11-2018 / 16:31

The event takes place each year and is always held in the first class location in the center of London. 
On the ball every Domme manifests herself in a beautiful gala dress, some Dommes bring their slaves along who are obligated to wear a tuxedo.
The surroundings are very noble. 

You meet professional and the lifestyle Mistresses from all over a World, it is a very amusing event with shows, there are Mistresses who perform in different acts or participate in the fashion spectacles. 
Femdom Ball is also the perfect event to have a chat and exchange experiences with the other Lady by the good glass of wine. 

The Ball did not finish late, so the next day I had time to be a tourist in London, visit museums and walk the streets of this magnificent city.  

Regarding Amsterdam, I had many great planes this Autumn, shame enough my travel did not work out. A few days before my trip I twisted the ankle, it was very painful, so I could not shoot the videos and I could not give sessions. I had to disappoint people who were waiting for me and now I have no any update for the Clips4Sale. This is very pitty, but what to do, accidents can happen I will definitely follow my planes during the next visit.

At the moment I am happy to be back in Dubai, my ankle is recovered, but it will be absolutely pleasant to enjoy many feet worship sessions, massages etc. This will be a very good physiotherapy after all.
Slaves, kinkers, and fetishists are also welcome to serve me during exciting BDSM experience, a tied bondage, sissy, strapon, breath play, know, I enjoy all!  

On the photos from up:

1. Sara Dom, Madame Caramel (Femdom Ball organizer!) and Me - Dominatrix Dinah

2. Mistress Luna and Me - Dominatrix Dinah

3. Mistress Ezada Sin and Me - Dominatrix Dinah

4. Mistress SinPiedad and Me - Dominatrix Dinah

5. Mistress Karina and Me - Dominatrix Dinah

6. Me - Dominatrix Dinah in conversation with a sit-salve of Mistress Ezada

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