Switch Carla - Lady Assistant from Spain

04-12-2018 / 10:00

Carla is a professional belly dancer and fascinated about BDSM.
A natural born artist and the switch, it's mean she can play different roles during the session and switch from the dominant to a sub very easily.

I know Carla for many years, so I guarantee for her talents and her discretion.
Carla has a warm charming personality, is interested in people and their fantasies and likes to have fun! 
Her body is full feminine curves, she will tease you with it and with her beautiful long hair.
Sessions with Carla are unforgettable!

 Do not miss your chance and book an exciting double session with us! We offer:

1. double Domme session
2. slave girl and Mistress
3. Mistress Dinah with sexy assistant Carla 
3. belly dancing lessons for the sissies 
4. 4 feet treatment
5. double pegging

New ideas always welcome, so if you have some special fantasy let us know.

Double sessions are mostly from 3 pm to 9 pm.
Make your reservation at least a few hours previous to the booking.


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