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Mistress Warsaw, Den Haag. Eindhoven
Mistress Warsaw, Den Haag and Eindhoven.
February 27, 2020
Travel plans – the second chance
June 25, 2020
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Travel post


Studio Doma in Den Haag 01 – 07 Augustus 2020

Eindhoven 09 – 17 Augustus

Er is ook een privé locatie beschikbaar voor de mensen die niet van SM studios houden.

FLY ME TO YOU – Do you think to invite me privately to your destination? This might be possible, just write to me and ask if I can come to you.
If yes, we can start to discuss all details. While you will first have to convince me that you are a serious client and a true sub – gentleman, worth my visit.

Due to the uncertain situation, my plans can vary.
It also looks like I will be more in Europe this year, I plan regular sessions in Dubai for winter 2020.
Well, you can always invite me privately to the Middle East.

To keep in touch with Me, the best subscribe to My OnlyFans profile.

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