Lovely meeting with Goddess Rose

my sessions are unique and unforgettable
My sessions are unique and unforgettable.
December 9, 2019
dominatrix dinah happy xmas
Fetish Xmas
December 23, 2019

I met in Dubai a very interesting lady from Poland, and her name is Goddess Rose. Her mean interest is foot fetish and she has very beautiful feet.
It is not possible to attend a double sessions, Goddess Rose left already. I met her on the end of her stay.

If you are interested in a double foot fetish session, and you live abroad, invite us privately. Make us fly to you.
If you do this, most probably, I will fly from Dubai and Goddess Rose from Poland.

Anyway, I think that Goddess Rose will come more often to UAE. If you live here or think to come over, you will get the chance to serve us both, it is just a matter of time.
Wait for the next visit of this wonderful feet – Queen to Dubai, so we meet you by then.

Goddess Rose’s feet and my feet have almost the same shape.
We both have long toes, beautiful toenails, soft soles, and high arches.
Our feet are not small, so there is a lot of space to worship!

Goddess Rose loves to wear slippers and high heeled open shoes, same like me!
On this photo, as you can see, I just wear old sport-shoes, to feel comfortable.
You might know that my feet felt bit sweaty that day – something for admires and worshipers of ” sweaty feet” , that’s for sure!

To meet Goddess Rose was very special. It happens rear that you meet someone with the same interest.
I liked to chat with her about foot fetish sessions and exchange experiences. Our talking took hours by many cups of tea.

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