Travel plans – the second chance

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March 10, 2020
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Travel plans – the second chance


The lockdown was difficult for me because I like “to be on the move” but I am okay, and I am still healthy, so I am happy.
For the past few months, I’ve been able to survive thanks to My dear fans, who were buying the clips, booked sessions online, or through OnlyFans subscriptions.

Most countries in Europe are slowly starting to return to “normal life” so there is the hope that the virus is no longer dangerous.
The Netherlands combats COVID as one of the best. I am so proud because I was genuinely concerned when there were so many sick people.

I am currently in Warsaw – Poland, where I was in half lockdown with my old mother.
Thanks to God, I had the intuition to come here from Dubai just before the pandemic. It was much better to be with my family during those hard period.

Nowadays, I hope to offer sessions to cute subs in Warsaw and be able travel in July to the Netherlands.
I wrote all about my travel plans on the travels page. Now is the chance again, I only hope I will not be forced by life to change it again.

Follow my schedule right here – Travels Page

Of course, I am also always available for short outcall trips to other countries on FlyMeToYou!

Here some pictures showing nicer moments of my lockdown.
When it was only possible, I spent some time in the park and botanic garden in a need of the fresh air.

During warm days, I had wonderful time with my sister in her beautiful place.

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