Mistress Warsaw, Den Haag and Eindhoven.

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February 7, 2020
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March 10, 2020
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Mistress Warsaw, Den Haag and Eindhoven.

Mistress Warsaw, Den Haag. Eindhoven

Good day, I am in Europe and I plan to stay here for a longer time. I am now in Warsaw Poland and I will travel to the Netherlands end of March.

I plan to offer sessions in both countries and this is my schedule:  

08 March to 20 March in Warsaw
26 March to 01 April in Studio Doma in Den Haag
02 April to 10 April in Eindhoven.

I look forward to exciting time soon, and I am very happy to meet many interesting people.
Of course, some of my clients I know from the past and I look forward to seeing them again.   

Poland and of course the Netherlands are for me 2 countries which I call “my own” so very close to my heart. 

There is only one thing that bothers me here, it is the weather, rainy weather in Warsaw is really not what I was hoping for because I feel very bad when is wet. I realize that it is winter here, but I was hoping for the snow and cold, dry air with high pressure – this is good for me, but not the rain. Honestly, rain makes me feel bad and sleepy. I feel also disappointed that there is no snow in Warsaw and I also lost my hope for snow this year. Cold or hot is okay for me, so far the air is dry, but rain – no. Haha, well, enough weather complaints!

What happened to my studio equipment when I left Amsterdam ?

I am sure that most people wear asking themselves what happened to my studio in Amsterdam and all the stuff I had there. 
When I relocated to Dubai in 2015, I canceled my studio in the Netherlands and I brought all my equipment to professional storage in Warsaw. I kept it just in case I return more quickly than planned. Some tools I took with me to Dubai, but not many.
So, I still have all my things here in Europe and there are in very good condition. 

What I will do with all this, I have no idea yet, for sure I will use some of my toys now during my sessions, and later let’s see…
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